2 V Grooves MDF Skirting Board


MDF 2 V Groove skirting board is manufactured from a high density, moisture resistant (MR) MDF.

The 2 V Groove skirting board is one of our own designs and fits well in any modern home. It has a square edge to promote straight, clean lines. The face has 2 V Grooves machined into it that start 15mm from the top edge of the board. The Vs are 6mm across and 3mm deep, they are 8mm apart. The 2 V Groove Skirting is easy to paint and simple to maintain.

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MDF 2 V Grooves skirting boards are manufactured from a high density, moisture resistant (MR) MDF.

Unlike softwood our MDF Skirting Boards are free from natural defects. The benefits of this being you are guaranteed to receive a consistent product that will not warp, split, bow, twist, shrink or contain knots. This makes MDF the most economical and time saving option to cover your 2 V Grooves skirting boards requirements.

We specifically source MR (Moisture Resistant) MDF from which we produce al of our products from, MR MDF is the highest density MDF. We manufacture all of our mouldings out of High Density MDF board. This produces a far smoother cut surface when moulded, making a superior quality product to other MDF skirting boards.

Our MDF 2 V Grooves skirting boards are manufactured using MDF sourced from environmentally responsible suppliers that are FSC® Certified.


All our Skirting Boards are sanded between priming coats to ensure a consistent, smooth finish. We use a water based primer that is applied in a vacuum coater to ensure even coverage across the board. Something that cannot be consistently achieved with old fashioned methods such as hand spraying. The skirting boards and architrave have complete coverage to ensure they are sealed. All products are ready for final coat on site. However on some of the deeper cut profiles, a light sanding and undercoat may be required prior to finishing coat.


Ideal for hiding wires, cable and small pipes, our rebate option is available on all skirting boards, the rebate is cut 10mm x 30mm on the back of the board.

Although our standard rebate size is 10mm x 30mm you can request a bespoke size and where possible. We always thieve on going that extra mile to ensure that our customers are satisfied.

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